World Championships start with 7 minutes intervals

The 2018 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships take place in a few weeks with the main event on Sunday covering courses of 130 or 103km, depending on the age group.

The starts will be given in Via Luigi Sacco in the city center of Varese for a slight uphill first part before entering the hills. As mentioned earlier, age groups winners and defending World Champions will be rewarded with a guaranteed entry on the first row at the start.

The starts will be given per age group with 7 minutes interval starting from 7h30 onwards. Most of the age group will have separate starts, women start in three different groups and men above 60 will also have a combined start, but always with different colors of race numbers and separate World titles.

Start order of the World Championships

7.30 Men 19-34 (130km)
7.37 Men 35-39 (130km)
7.44 Men 40-44 (130km)
7.51 Men 45-49 (130km)
7.58 Men 50-54 (130km)
8.05 Men 55-59 (130km)
8.12 Female 19-39 (130km)
8.19 Female 40-49 (130km)
8.26 Male 60+ (103km)
8.33 Female 50+ (103km)

We almost reached 2600 riders so already close to the record edition of last year.

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