Velo.Victo.Fest on the courses of the 2026 World Championships

The only Canadian qualifier event of the 2022 season in the province of Quebec will host a time trial and granfondo together with the national masters championships of Canada in a big cycling festival Velo.Victo.Fest.

The weekend starts today with a 24km time trial with start and finish in Victoriaville. The course is completely flat with a total elevation of only 70m.

On Saturday, riders can race for the national masters titles and on Sunday, the participants have the choice between a 133km granfondo with a total elevation of 1872m as qualifier for the younger age groups or a shorter 98km mediofondo which counts as official qualifier distance for all men over 60 and women over 50. Total elevation of the short course is 1206m.

Both courses have the same start and finish and start in the city center of Victoriaville at an elevation of 130m to reach the highest point at km 43 where the course reaches 535m above sea level. The short course then makes a shortcut between km 63 and 107 on the long course.

Victoriaville has been awarded to run the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships in 2026.

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