UCI Gran Fondo World Series continues to grow, reaching 28 events worldwide in 2023

The UCI Gran Fondo World Series will expand again next year, featuring six new events for a total of 28 races on five continents.

The qualifier season for the 2023 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships already started in September with the first of four events taking place before the end of 2022. The majority of the qualifier events, however, are scheduled in 2023, starting with the first newcomer to the calendar: the UCI Granfondo Jordan Dead Sea. Taking place from 2 to 4 February, it will include a time trial and two Gran Fondo stages with an overall ranking. In existence for 10 years, the Istria Granfondo in Croatia joins the UCI Gran Fondo World Series for the first time, and for the occasion will feature a new time trial the day before the traditional Gran Fondo on Saturday 15 April.

CRC 506 Gran Fondo of Costa Rica should have been part of the series in 2020 but was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The 2023 edition is scheduled for 4 June with a course starting in the capital city of San José and heading towards the Pacific ocean.

On the same weekend, Gran Fondo Matildica, in Reggio Emilia, will replace the Italian qualifier in Trento. The 51st edition of the event will feature a time trial for the first time.

GF Gran Fondo de Guatemala is organised by the same team as that behind the race in Costa Rica. It will take place in the capital of the central American country, Guatemala City, on 2 July.

The 2023 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships will be part of the first-ever UCI Cycling World Championships that will combine 13 different UCI World Championships in Glasgow and across Scotland between 3 and 13 August. The Gran Fondo events will be held on 4 and 7 August. After these UCI World Championships, scheduled earlier in the season compared to other years, the 2024 qualifier season starts again with a new Brazilian qualifier in the southern city of Pomerode where the UCI Granfondo Pomerode is scheduled on 5 November.

The six new events in the 2023 UCI Gran Fondo World Series join traditional stopovers in the series. The 28 events comprise four in Asia, two in Oceania, 17 in Europe, three in Latin America and two in North America.

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