Trento reveals the World Championships courses

The 2022 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships will this year take place in Trento, Italy from 15-18 September. The website and details of the courses and program have now been released by the organizers and can be consulted on their website.

All events start and finish in “Le Albere“, an new development area near the Adige river at only 1km from the main square “Piazza del Duomo“. Also the location for registration, parking and expo area are within walking distance. The time trial on Thursday is for 95% on the same course that has been used by the elite riders during the European Championships last year September. The 19.7km course is mainly flat with a loop towards the south to come back on the other side of the Adige river with only two bridges as main difficulties.

The team relay is on a flat and short city circuit on Friday evening while the granfondo and mediofondo on Sunday are hard and challenging with a lot of elevation. Those riders who already attended the traditional Charly Gaul Granfondo will see that the northern loop in the start will disappear as riders now head directly to the bottom of Monte Bondone which has to be done one and a half times for the 87km mediofondo and two and a half times for the 145km granfondo riders before heading back to the finish in the city center.

After a first flat 10km, riders start the 20km climb of Monte Bondone from the southwest side followed by a long downhill to the Valley of the Lakes where participants will pass a few scenic villages on undulating roads before starting the second 17.5km climb of Monte Bondone from the northern side towards Vason (1651m) where they connect again with the downhill and passage through the valley before starting the third Bondone climb, this time until halfway for a final 12km downhill towards the finish. The last 2km in the city center are again flat.

Mediofondo riders will also do the first 20km climb and go left halfway their second climb in Candriai. Total elevation for the granfondo is 3900m over a distance of 145km while the mediofondo has an elevation of 2218m over 87km, a true challenge for those who love to climb.

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To get a glimp of the time trial course, you can watch the highlights of the European championships from last year on or experience the Bondone climb on

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