Tour of Cambridgeshire with another participants’ record

The third edition of UK's biggest Granfondo and Chrono in Peterborough had 8000 riders at the start for a chrono on Saturday and a flat and fast fully closed roads Granfondo on Sunday.

Fastest female in the chrono was Liz Powell who stayed as only woman below the 40-minute mark with 39:54. Angela Carpenter and Jessica Rhodes-Jones completed the overall podium, respectively 31 and 40 seconds behind Powell.

Fastest male over the same distance was Matthew Smith in a fast time of 33:52 before Stuart Travis and David Janes. Average speed of both winners was 39.1 km/h (24.2 mi/h) and 46.1 km/h (28.4 mi/h)

The Granfondo on Sunday, the biggest one in the series started in different waves per age group with an interval between each start. Fastest female time was for Louise Ryde (3:18) who could hang on with the faster males in her F50-54 age group. Also Jayne Paine (F50-54) and Fran Summers (F45-49) rode a faster time than lots of their younger opponents who started in earlier waves.

Richard Simmons (M40-44) won the fastest male age group in a time of just over 3 hours. Matthew Bottrill and Richard Harris came in seconds later to take overall second and third spot.

Average speed of both winners was 38.5 km/h (23.8mi/h) and 42 km/h (26 mi/h).

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