Tour de Batam

Friday 22.09.2023 - 24.09.2023
15 - 129 - 149 km
Batam, Indonesia

The Tour de Batam emerges as a new cycling event on Batam Island, Indonesia right on Singapore’s doorstep. Organised by Metasport, the team behind the Tour de Bintan which was a UCI qualifier event since 2017.  Batam Island neighbours Bintan and has a worldclass course offering great racing, community engagement and hospitality.


The beautiful Indonesian island of Batam is easily accessible via Singapore on a 30-min ferry journey or via Jakarta and the organiser, MetaSport, provides hassle-free bike logistics. The centrestage of the event, Turi Beach by Nongsa Resorts, an international beach resort, allows for a well-deserved holiday following the ride” with “Host partner Nongsa Resorts offers various resort accommodation options including villas, bungalows and hotel rooms with beautiful beaches, pools (and pool bars!) allowing for a well-deserved break following the ride.

Over 45 different nationalities have taken part in the past including British, Australian, Singaporean, Indonesian, French, Japanese, and more flock to the island for the much anticipated event.

The event has an Individual Time Trial on Friday and a Gran Fondo Classic road race on Saturday, both being official qualifying races for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships.

Besides the qualifying races, the event offers a 3-day stage race giving cyclists the opportunity to chase the yellow jersey. The two qualifying races are part of the 3-day stage race.

Shorter non-qualifying Gran Fondo distances are on offer to give newer cyclists the opportunity to experience the iconic Tour de Batam.

Time Trial

The time trial on Friday with a start and finish from Palm Spring Beach is on undulating roads varying from 2 to 59m above sea level.  The total elevation is 200m for a total distance of 15 kilometers.  The type of race an elevation can be compared to the individual time trial on Bintan Island from previous years.

Gran Fondo

The Gran Fondo on Saturday starts at Palm Spring Beach in Batam City for a 149km towards the southernmost point on the island to come back on the other side of the road for a sprint finish on Barelang Bridge which you already cross after 37km in the race.  The women do the same course but have their turning point after 83km in the race to have the same finish.

The race is quite hilly with lots of short steep climbs going from sea level to a maximum height of 60m above the sea, but the total elevation of 1300m at the end of the race will be challenging.




Situated 30 minutes ferry away from the modern and culturally vibrant city of Singapore, Batam is one of Indonesia’s enchanting Riau islands in the South China Sea.
In recent years, Batam has emerged as a popular destination for visitors not only from Singapore and Malaysia but also in other countries in Asia and Europe. Their goals? Experiencing the first-class golf courses, water adventures,  shopping, rejuvenating spas and relaxing beach resorts, to the mouthwatering fresh seafood and delicacies.

This hidden gem with ivory beaches and lush forests is a well-kept secret resort destination for Singaporean residents, locals and expats alike.

The Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (for Batam departures) is conveniently located just 10 minutes by taxi from Singapore’s Changi International Airport and 20 minutes from the Singapore city centre.

Another easy access to Batam island is via domestic flight from Jakarta, the Indonesian capital. 3 national airlines offer daily flights.