The order of departure is part of the tactical game as each of the 4 riders needs to do 3 laps before entering the relay zone.

A large group stayed together until the first relay, but gaps were made during the second and third relay with teams Slovenia 1 and Canada 1 leading to team Germany by 15 seconds. During the last relay, Slovenia made a gap to the Canadian team, but the Germans bridged the gap to the Slovenians and it was finally Slovenia outsprinting Germany on the line while Belgium made a strong move in the end taking bronze.

The Slovenian team was formed by Laura Simenc who started as first, followed by Hren Ales, Dean Bratus and Bogsa Uros to renew their win from last year in Bosnia. The silver medal team from Germany was formed by Jan Weber, Julia Schallau, Burkhard Volbracht and Valentin Szalay.

Belgium took bronze with Nicolas Smits, Ilse Vandermoeren, Dirk Claes and Arne Bauters.