Team Relay goes to Slovenia

The traditional relay per teams of 4 riders of the same nationality on Friday has brought a lot of position changes, excitement, happy faces and disappointment.

The race on the 2.4km course in the city center had 20 teams at the start for a splendid short criterium race with relays every three laps.

A large group of almost 15 entered the first relay zone, always the most hectic moment of the event. In the second relay, the two Belgian teams, one of them the defending champion of last year, made a break. Two Italian teams were able to stay nearby and it was finally Italian Giampaolo Busbani who forced the decision in the third relay. Local organizer Andrea Nicosia was happy to complete his final three laps and rush to the finish to win for Italy before Slovenia, Belgium, Canada and the second Italian team.

The UCI technical delegates that tested the bike weights however had to disqualify the winning team and the Belgian team as one of their riders had a bike under 6,8kg. resulting in a new victory for Slovenia after Perth 2016.

The winning team chose to have female time trial World Champion Laura Simenc as first rider, followed by Branko Bojanc, Jani Preseren and Dean Bratus to take gold on the podium.

The silver medals went to Canada with Michel Jean, Chantal Gosselin, Bruce Bird and Dan Martin before the second Italian team with Alessio Tosato, Alessandro Locatelli, Valentina Zuco and Claudio Monti.

Final result

1. Slovenia 1
2. Canada 1
3. Italy 2
4. Norway
5. Belgium 2
6. France 1
7. Canada 2
8. Poland 2
9. Japan 1
10. Slovenia 2
11. Russia
12. Holland
13. Austria
14. Japan 2
15. France 2
16. Great Britain


2013: Italy
2014: Italy
2015: Canada
2016: Slovenia
2017: Belgium
2018: Slovenia

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