France lined up 5 teams and also Belgium (4), Great Britain (4), Slovenia (3), Australia, Poland, Greece, Japan, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Canada and Mexico had one or more teams at the start.

After the first relay, large groups stayed together with team Slovenia2 moving up for a fast third relay putting the female in first position for the last 3 laps. Slovenia1 made a mistake during the first relay and had to be disqualified.

Team Belgium3 and Poland were the nearest opponents but the gap was still big so a long pursuit could begin. It was in the second last lap that Belgium3 took over the lead, leaving Poland and Slovenia2 behind. Slovenia3 came from the back to finally end in second while also Belgian1 made it to the podium unless a crash in the final relay. Slovenia2 felt back to fifth.

The winning team with Bart Van Kerkhoven, Hedwig Van Landeghem, Veronique Florizoone and Bram Schittecatte won with an average speed of 38.4 km/h on the technical course. Slovenia3 with Ljubo Car, Ajda Opeka, Dean Bratus and Mitja Oter finished 13 seconds later to beat Belgium3 in the sprint for silver. The bronze was for Geert Wouters, Annick Dircx, Pieter Willems and Alexander Alonso.