Slovenia confirms in team relay

The team relay is a yearly side event of the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships with four riders of the same nationality making relays in a short distance race on local laps.

The team is composed of at least one male and one female, with at least one rider over 40 and one over 50. The order of departure is part of a strategic game as riders can choose the order of the team. Each rider of the team does 3 laps before making the relay to his/her teammate by entering a relay zone. The race finishes after 12 laps of 2km, 24km total.

Germany started fast with an early attack of Lars Geisler, but the group behind was following at short distance and during the second relay, two Slovenian teams made a move to the front to take the lead, ahead of Canada and the Czech Republic. After the third relay, the second Slovenian team made a mistake by passing the relay zone and were disqualified, but the team in the lead kept their advantage and won before Canada and Czech Republic.

The winning team was composed of Laura Simenc, Matej Lovse, Dean Bratus and Andrej Zavbi to take gold before Canada with Serghei Maximenco, Esta Bovill, Bruce Bird and Dorel Pop. Czech Republic took bronze with Ludek Blinka, Tomas Vrbka, Monika Simonova and Vaclav Vodicka as final rider.

Slovenia confirms their strength and power in the team relay as they already won several times.

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