Sarajevo tests World Championships courses

With a 18km time trial on Friday and a 64 or 100km road race on Sunday, Istocno Sarajevo (Bosnai and Herzegovina) will host a qualifier event this weekend on the courses that will be used during the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships later this year in October.

The time trial is a back and forth loop starting in Pale with a first part slightly going up to a turning point halfway and also a 600m tunnel that will be used in both directions. Total elevation is 270m over the full distance.

The 64km mediofondo and the 100km granfondo will start in the city center Istocno Sarajevo and first has a 30km flat loop in the center before heading to the mountains. The mediofondo goes directly to the finish in the Olympic ski village of Jahorina at an altitude of 1540m and a total elevation of 1460m.

The 100km granfondo uses the same roads, but goes back to the start area after the first climb for another loop up the mountain and a total elevation of 2410m.

During the World Championships, the riders have to ride the same routes with an additional loop for the mediofondo and granfondo resulting in a distance of 100 and 136km.

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