Granfondo Serbia Novi Sad

Sunday 16.06.2024
77 - 100 km km
Novi Sad

The Gran Fondo Novi Sad will be held for the first time as part of the UCI Gran Fondo World Series. Its route leads through the beautiful landscapes of the Fruška gora National Park, starting and ending in the city of Novi Sad, which held the title of European Capital of Culture 2022.


Gran Fondo Novi Sad has two race distances, both with start and finish in Novi Sad.  The races will start on Sunday morning in front of the Provincial Government building in the city centre of Novi Sad. The longer route is 100 km with 1500 m of climbing, while the shorter 77km course has 1200 m of climbing.


The Gran Fondo Novi Sad commences in front of the Provincial Government building at the heart of Novi Sad. The race begins with a neutralized start, leading out of the city via the Rainbow Bridge. Upon crossing to the Srem side, participants trace the scenic path along the Danube River until reaching Beočin.

At the 19 km mark, the first ascent commences—a 9 km climb featuring an average gradient of 4.5%, with a maximum gradient of 8%. Following a thrilling descent through Mala Remeta and Jazak villages, the route proceeds to Vrdnik. In Vrdnik, the course turns towards Irig, where the second climb awaits at the 55 km mark. This 6 km ascent boasts an average gradient of 3.8%, reaching a maximum gradient of 7%.

After the top of the second climb, the Gran Fondo traverses the Fruška Gora ridge for 11 km, a pivotal section that may well determine the race outcome. This stretch offers no respite, with the terrain consistently alternating between uphill and downhill. Subsequently, the route returns to the starting point, descending the opposite way from the top of the initial climb. The final 2 km provide a straight and wide path, ideal for exhilarating sprint finishes.


The Medio Fondo embarks on its journey by commencing along the identical route as the Granfondo until reaching the 62 km mark on top of the second climb. At this juncture, the Granfondo veers left, while the Medio Fondo continues its course along the main road, descending to Sremska Kamenica. Upon reaching Sremska Kamenica, the Medio Fondo route seamlessly merges with the Granfondo route, following the same last 7km towards the finish line.


Novi Sad, the capital of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina counts 270.000 inhabitants and is situated between the majestic Fruška Gora mountains and the flowing Danube River. The planned route will trace the course of the Danube before ascending the slopes of Fruška Gora. The southern side of the mountain, characterized by its gentle terrain, serves as an ideal setting for vineyards. With a rich history dating back to Roman times, this region has been producing the finest wines, a tradition that persists to the present day.

Amidst the lush forests and sprawling vineyards, over 15 monasteries are scattered across the landscape of Fruška Gora, adding a cultural and historical dimension to the natural beauty of the area.