The time trial on Saturday is an uphill time trial with start at sea level and finish after a short but steep climb of 2.88 miles and 1077 feet of elevation. Average gradient is 7%. After a steep start, there is a flatter part at the end of the first mile to then tackle a steeper second mile who flattens again towards the finish line.

The main event of the weekend is a 80 miles Granfondo with a flat start for the first 20 miles, but the route also has three major climbs who are spread over the course. The final 10 miles towards the finish are again flat. Total elevation is 6167 feet (1880 meter) which makes it a hard and challenging course. There is also a shorter 42 miles non-qualifier event.

Famous star at the startline is local Mark Cavendish who can ride on his trainingsroutes.