Maraton Franja with the classic recipes

The Slovenian qualifier event in the capital city Ljubljana is one of the oldest Granfondos in the world with a history going back to 1982 when some riders gathered for a groupride towards the Franja hospital in the Slovenian mountains.

The success of the 156 and 97km granfondo and mediofondo continues with every year almost 7000 riders at the start of the iconic race with flat start and finish, but a challenging middle part with especially the 8km climb from Cerkno as difficulty of the day. Strong riders can make a gap there but those who haven’t lost too much on the climb can often return in the final 60km towards the finish.

On Friday, a 18km time trial with an out-and-back loop on flat and windy roads give the specialist of racing against the clock the opportunity to push the big gears.

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