Maraton Franja BTC City first UCI Granfondo in Europe in 2021

One of the oldest Granfondos with a very long traditional since 1982 and part of the UCI Gran Fondo World Series since the first year in 2011, Maraton Franja BTC City is a classic amongst all mass participation events in Europe.

They were the only organizers last year who took the risk of having the event in Covid times in September and proved to be able to organize in a safe way.

The time trial will unfortunately also this year not take place but the Granfondo and Mediofondo will be scheduled on the classical courses with the 156km long distance over the Kladje climb and the shorter 100km distance with a shortcut halfway.

More than 2000 riders have registered for these events coming from different countries, all hungry to start back racing and keen to qualify for the nearby World Championships in Istocno Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina in October.

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