Majka Gran Fondo grows over 1000 riders representing 25 different nationalities

The second edition of Majka Gran Fondo, the Polish UCI Gran Fondo World Series event on Rafal Majka?s (UAE Team) training routes near Krakow has grown considerably compared to last year, especially in international participation.

The time trial on Saturday in Dobcyze is a 20km back-and-forth loop with a climb in the start, but mainly flat and fast in what was considered one of the most beautiful time trial courses last year.

On Sunday, the granfondo and mediofondo are held in Myslenice, 15km east of the time trial with a 105km Granfondo on undulating roads with a 33km loop at the eastern part of the course. There is also a shorter 72km mediofondo for men over 60 and women over 50 without the loop.

The climbs are never very steep or long with a 3km rolling climb as main challenge, but the 1400m of elevation in the granfondo will count by the end of the race.

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