Last Tour of Cambridgeshire to qualify for worlds on homeground

The Tour of Cambrigeshire had its first edition in 2015 and will have its final edition 8 years later as the organizers decided earlier this year to stop at a peak with the organization of the race in Peterborough this weekend and the logistical organization of the UCI World Championships Gran Fondo later this year.

The race has always been one of the biggest competitions in our series with numbers varying from 5000 to 7500 riders at the start.

With the upcoming UCI Gran Fondo World Championships in Scotland early August, it’s also the perfect opportunity for UK riders to qualify on homeground and represent their nationality proudly wearing the national kit at the start in Perth and Dundee in two months.

On Saturday the 16.4 miles time trial with start and finish on the East of England Showground has the steep Morborne Hill is the major difficulty just before the halfway point.

On Sunday, all riders qualify in the 66 miles Granfondo, a flat and fast road race where the wind can play an important role.

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