Istria Gran Fondo beautiful new event in the UCI series

The biggest Croatian Gran Fondo on the northern Istria peninsula exists since 2012 and will for the first time be part of the UCI Gran Fondo World Series with a time trial on Friday and a Granfondo on Saturday.

The 22.3km time trial will have 100 riders at the start. The course starting from the Stella Maris tennis center in Umag has 320m of elevation.

On Saturday, riders have the choice between a 119km course as qualifier for the men up to the age of 60 and women up to the age of 50 and a shorter 93km mediofondo as qualifier for the older age categories.

Both courses share the same roads, but the granfondo makes an additional loop of 25km where the mediofondo goes directly towards the finish. The race starts with a flat first 30km, followed by a 5.2km climb (5% average) and a second 6km climb (7.8% average) which is done twice during the granfondo and once during the mediofondo.

Total elevation for the 600 registered riders is 1500m in the granfondo and 1067 for the mediofondo.

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