Granfondo Vosges with 2000 riders from 34 countries

One of the biggest Granfondo races in France will take place this weekend in the Vosges Mountain region as the last qualifier option in the country. 2000 riders have signed up for a challenging 175km course with 3500m of elevation, one of the hardest courses in our series.

The race starts in the ski-station of La Bresse Hohneck with a first small climb before descending towards La Bresse where the real challenge starts.

The following climbs are waiting for the riders with some of them really steep: Col des Moinats (891m), Col des Hayes (875m), Col de Morbieux (791m) and Mont de Fourche (620m) in the first half, followed by an easier middle section where you can recover to enter the final with col de la Demoiselle et le Pas de l’Ane, Haut du Tôt niche (863m) with some real steep parts, Col de la Grosse Pierre (954m) and finally the 9km uphill finish towards the ski station of La Bresse Hohneck again (898m).

The 122km mediofondo counts as qualifier for all men and women over 60. The course fits perfect for those riders who like climbing.

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