Granfondo Rio de Janeiro on historic routes

The UCI Gran Fondo World Series is happy to return to South American after a few year. The race will be 120 kilometers with an elevation of 2000 meters and will be held in the Serra do Piloto.

The region is considered one of the most beautiful in Brazil, located near the Rio-Santos Highway, between Serra do Mar and Ilha Grande Bay, 109 km from Rio de Janeiro.

Departing from Portobello Resort & Safari, the race will the old imperial road, the first road in Brazil, dating from 1856, where there are still old buildings with simple architectural lines typical of the colonial period and some ruins. The road has a breathtaking view of the Baía de Mangaratiba and is permeated by waterfalls such as the Slaves and Conceição de Jacareí waterfalls.

The route will turn at the 60km point to head back to the resort where the finish is located.

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