Granfondo Matildica under splendid sun


The 51st edition of Granfondo Matildica this weekend had a great startfield with over 1000 riders who all battled for the first qualifying spots of the 2024 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships.

The 8.5km time trial on Friday started from Ponte di Pianello and finished up in Piazzale Dante with a tough and challenging uphill climb featuring 468m of elevation.

Carlotta Uber won the female time trial in 25m36 while the men’s victory was for Filippo Calliari in 21m58 in an average speed of respectively 20,22 and 23,57 km/h.

On Sunday, a big peloton started on the challenging 164km granfondo as qualifier for all men and women up to the age of 50 while the older categories battled for the wins in the 129km mediofondo.

Luca Raggio finished solo in 4h47.01, 1m16 ahead of Danilo Celano who outsprinted Patrick Facchini for a complete Italian podium in an average speed of 34.3 km/h.

Maria Elena Palmisano was the fastest female in 5h19.10 for an average speed of 30.8 km/h. She beated Giulia Portaluri in the sprint while time trial winner Carlotta Uber got overall third.

In the mediofondo as qualifier for the 50+ categories, former pro rider Massimiliano Lelli finished fourth but was the first in the qualifier categories while Michela Giuseppina Bergozza got the female win.

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