Granfondo Coimbra Region keeps on growing


This weekend’s UCI Granfondo in Portugal, set in the picturesque destination of Coimbra, promises to be another resounding success. The event will feature familiar courses from the previous year, starting with a 20km time trial on Saturday within the city of Coimbra, tracing along the scenic Rio Mondego river with minimal elevation gain of just 22m.

On Sunday, both the granfondo and mediofondo will kick off from Montemor-o-Velho, offering participants a challenging 148km route, serving as a qualifier for men aged 19-59 and women aged 19-39. The course comprises four climbs, including two category 3 and two category 4 ascents positioned in the middle of the course. The mediofondo, covering 106km, bypasses two of the climbs to ensure a faster return to the finish line. Total elevation for the granfondo and mediofondo stands at 1548m and 956m, respectively.

Registration numbers indicate a surge in participation, with 340 riders signed up for the time trial and 1250 enthusiasts ready to tackle the road races. Notably, participants hail from 21 different countries, marking a remarkable increase of 25% and 40% compared to last year’s event, signaling its growing popularity on the international stage.

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