Granfondo Coimbra Region first Portuguese UCI Gran fondo in 10 years

The region of Coimbra, a famous tourist destination in the middle between Lisbon and Porto will host the first UCI Gran Fondo World Series past the World Championships of two weeks ago.

The weekend will have two disciplines with a time trial on Figueira da Foz on the coastline for splendid views over the ocean on Saturday. The 17km back and forth loop is mainly flat, but has a short hill just before the turning point.

On Sunday, the event moves to nearby Montemor-o-Velho where the granfondo and mediofondo take place with start at 9.00am.

The granfondo brings riders over a distance of 151,7km through the beautiful undulating roads of the region with many short climbs varying from 2-6.5% gradient and a length of 2-4 km. Total elevation is 1672m.

The shorter mediofondo has the same first half, but then makes a shortcut to finish after 104km (total elevation 1007m).

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