Gran Fondo Matildica opens 2024 season this weekend in Reggio Emilia


The new Italian qualifier in Reggio Emilia was initially scheduled to take part in the first weekend of June, but floodings in the Emilia Romagna Region just prior to the race made the organizer decide that the manpower and resources necessary to run the event had to be used to help the region after the disaster so the event was postponed to this weekend and will now count as first qualifier event for the 2024 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships in Aalborg-Denmark next year.

1000 riders have registered for the 51st edition of the Gran Fondo Matildica with a new time trial today on an 8.63km uphill course with 468m of elevation in Castelnovo Ne Monte, 40km south of the road races who will take place on Sunday in Reggio Emilia with a 164km challenging granfondo boosting 3000m of elevation while the 128km mediofondo has 2000m of elevation and counts as qualifier distance for all categories over 50 years old.

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