Gran Fondo Israel

22,3 - 80 km

Granfondo Israel in Eilat is organized by the team behind the many granfondos in Israel and will for the first time be part of the UCI Gran Fondo World Series in 2023, counting as qualifier for 2024 in the southern tourist city of Eilat next to the Red Sea.


The 22.3km time trial on Friday will be part of the event for the first time and is a back and forth loop over the Haarava road going north out of the city towards a turning point halfway.  The course is completely flat with a minor uphill part around the turn where riders reach the peak of the course at an elevation of 85m to return back to the finish at an altitude of 34m. 


On Saturday, the riders will tackle the traditional and challenging Gran Fondo course this year as a part of the UCI Gran Fondo World Series. Heading north from Eilat on the famous Arava road, the riders will have a fast, flat 52km gallop to warm-up for the main climb, the climb of Mt. Ayit (Known locally as Ketura). Once turning left from the Arava road, the riders will shift into “climbing mode”, for the 4.2km long Climb towards Neot Smadar. The climb’s average grade is 6.7%, with peak of 14%. On the summit, if you will have the moment to spend you could enjoy the view of exposed Arava desert spread in front of you. 6.5km after the crest, you will then turn left for a wild 60 km of challenging rolling hills before reaching the descent from Netafim to the city of Eilat. This descent is long and twisty- requiring full attention. In return, you will get a view like no other, with the gulp being exposed a bit by bit between the desert’s mountains. The finish line will be again in the Eilat, with a few hundred meters of straight to sprint out your rivals.

All age groups will battle on the 140km course, there is no shorter mediofondo for older age categories.

140km Granfondo


The city of Eilat is Israel’s most famous holiday destination in the south part of the country on the borders of the red sea.  It has a lot of good hotels of all levels and is the perfect place to enjoy a laid back beach vacation, but also the right location to start a trip and explore some nature, history and culture.

Famous tourist destinations are the Red Canyon, Timna Park, Amram’s Pillars, the Dead Sea, the Ramon Crater, the Blue Hole also known as the Blue Lagoon, Petra, the Saint Cahterine’s Monastery, Wadi Rum and the Castle Zaman…

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