Gran Fondo Ireland added to the UCI Gran Fondo calendar


The UCI Gran Fondo calendar now includes Gran Fondo Ireland, marking the inaugural UCI Gran Fondo on Irish soil. Scheduled as the latest addition to the calendar on June 29-30, the event will take place in the northwest city of Sligo.

The weekend kicks off with a 21.5km time trial on undulating roads, ranging from sea level to a maximum height of 60m above the sea. On Sunday, participants can choose between a 113km mediofondo, serving as a qualifier for men over 60 and women over 50, and a 159km granfondo, which qualifies the younger age groups. The picturesque course winds through farmlands and rugged coastline southwest of Sligo, featuring elevations of 993m and 1176m, respectively.

This event marks a historic moment as it is the first time the UCI Gran Fondo World Series will host a cycling event in Ireland.

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