France winner of the medals standing in the 2017 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships

The home country France has won most gold medals in the past Gran Fondo World Championships. Also in the ranking of total number of medals, French riders took the number 1 position.

France won a total of 10 gold, 9 silver and 11 bronze medals. 30 in total. First gold was for Jeannie Longo in the time trial on Thursday followed by her compatriot Samuel Plouhanic later that day, but it was mainly Sunday that most gold medals were won in the different road races. 8 gold in total for respectively Maurin, again Plouhinec, Montier, Ignace, Moreau in the men?s races while Evrard, Casalies and Carceroni de Carvahlo won their women age group.

The 10 gold medals is not an absolute record as Australia won 13 gold last year in Perth.

Number two in the medals ranking is Holland with 4 gold, all already on Thursday in the time trial. Australia finally won three gold to complete the podium.

Remarkable is also the first gold of Great Britain in the time trial and a total number of 10 medals, but still no gold in the road races for the most represented country in the past three years.

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