Cyprus Granfondo for 3 days of granfondo racing on challenging roads

The UCI Granfondo in Cyprus is organised as a stage race over three days and is part of the UCI Gran Fondo World Series since 2017. Almost 500 riders have signed up representing 39 different countries.

The stage race consists of a time trial on Friday, a longer granfondo on Saturday and a shorter granfondo on Sunday with a final ranking over the three days. For the first time, there will also be a mediofondo as qualifier distance for men over 60 and women over 50. In the time trial on Friday, riders will race on the traditional 28km course starting from Nikoklia to a turning point halfway with a first part slightly going up and a second part going down over the same road. Total elevation is 240m.

On Saturday, the queen stage starts with a 15km neutralized start from the Paphos medieval castle to a 87km timed course with a climb in three steps and especially the third one going up to an elevation of almost 800m above the sea before taking the downhill to the finish line. Total elevation is 1820m.

The mediofondo course that day will skip that third climb finishing after 55km for 760m of climbing.

On Sunday the final stage is shorter with its 54km, but the elevation is almost the same boosting 1420m of climbing with a finish at an elevation of 600m. The mediofondo that day is longer with its 89km and 1470m of elevation. In the event, participants often combine the race with some holidays and enjoy the hospitality of Paphos and its many hotels.

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