Cyprus Granfondo

Friday 29.03.2024 - 31.03.2024
28.6 - 103 - 54 km

Cyprus Gran Fondo has been held for 10 years. The event will again be part of the UCI Gran Fondo World Series in a three days stage race in and around the city of Pafos on the west end of the island.

Almost 80% of the participants come from abroad to combine the cycling event with some tourism and training opportunities on the sunny island when it’s still pretty cold in the rest of Europe.


The event is taking place in Pafos in the western part of Cyprus. Pafos has be the European Capital of Culture, the birth place of Aphrodite- Godess of love and beauty, where myths and legends are still alive. It is a very well known and popular all year round holiday destination.

The Pafos international Airport is just 15 minutes away from the city and it connects the city with a number of different destinations in Europe, Middle East, Russia etc.

Pafos and the nearby area of Geroskipou are the main hotel areas near the city, even though accommodation can be found along the coastline over a distance of 20km. A wide range of good value for money accommodation ranging from holiday apartments to luxury 5 star hotels are available.

The event starting area for all stages will be the square infront of the Pafos Medieval Castle which is located next to the Pafos ancient harbour and the Pafos Unesco Archaeological Park. The square of the Pafos Medieval Castle is big enough to accommodate mega events like the start of Pafos Marathon, international concerts the UCI Grand Fondo cycling event and more.

Time Trial

Stage 1: On Friday the riders will have a time trial of 28.6km with an upgoing first part starting from an elevation of 100m towards the turning point at 300m above sea level. The second part is the same road in a downhill section to finish at the same location after 28.6km. Riders who are not interested to qualify for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships time trial can take part in the road race for the “experience” group on the same day.

Road race

The race is a three days stage race with Pafos as central city where all starts take place. The two road races have a long neutralized start for a safe exit out of the city.

Stage 2: As the queen stage of the Cyprus Gran Fondo 2023, stage 2 takes you in places that you wouldn’t go on a everyday ride! Unspoilt nature, isolated or ruined villages, vineyards, rough terrain, cobbles and of course long uphill sections! But as you know the scenery from above is wonderful, especially in this amazing route and Cyprus nature during spring. The highlight of the stage is the metal and wood bridge in Trozena village, a great structure if you considered the time when it was build!

The stage starts for all in front of Pafos castle and after a 15km neutralised section, the timing starts near Nikoklia village (flying start) and continues along the river in Diarizos valley, one of the most beautiful valleys in Cyprus.

From Nikoklia, the race goes over three climbs : a first 8km climb at 4% average with a top after 26km with some flat parts, a second harder climb of 6.5km and 6% average with especially some steep parts in the beginning and a third 13.5km climb to the highest point of the day which is reached after 65km at 4.5% average. The peak is reached in two times with a small downhill just before the highest point.

Stage 3: Starting as always in front of the Pafos castle and riding east until Ag.Varvara village where we will have a flying start of the timing section. Here is also where the climbing starts. All uphill sections are of an average steepness of 5.5 – 6% with an exemption of a shorter hill at the 29th km from the start which averages 9% for 700m. Piece of cake!

Once you have reached the first peak, before Statos – Agios Fotios village, you are now descending in one of the most pleasant descents of the area. Occasionally you will ride on the ridge of the mountain and in other sections you will ride between deep cliffs. The descend way to Choulou village is where your heart will be taken away. You need to be a bit more careful on a couple of 180degrees turns at the beginning of the descend and before entering the village of Choulou the road gets narrow so some more extra attention is needed here.

From Choulou to Letymbou you have one shorter hill to overcome before descending again in in Letymbou village where the last feed zone will be located. From Letymbou you start ascending on a 3km long uphill towards Kallepia and the finish village of Tsada.

Day 2 and 3 will also have a mediofondo as qualifier distance for the men 60+ and women 50+.

On Saturday, the mediofondo is a 89km course which has the same neutralized start but then uses another road to go to the highest point of the granfondo where it connects with the granfondo route to have a same final towards the finish.

On Sunday, riders doing the mediofondo will have the same start, but then make a shortcut in the village of Amargeti to finish after 45km in the same location as the granfondo.