Cheaha Challenge with new record field

The sole US qualifier in Jacksonville, Alabama had 843 riders at the start for the different distances. The Century 100 miles' ride was the qualifying distance for all age groups and started in two waves with a group below 50 and another group above 50 years old.

Riders from 26 US States and 9 different countries showed up to challenge themselves and their competitors over the highest mountain in the region.

Best overall time was for Brendan Housler who finished solo in a time of 4h24, more than 7 minutes ahead of Marco Arocha and Aaron Boyleston.

The fastest female on the Century course was Kat Sweatt who was the only female below 5 hours and a few minutes faster than Mary Breed and former World Champion Molly Van Houweling.

The average speed of the winner was 22.69 Miles per hour while the fastest female rode at an average speed of 20.16 Miles per hour.

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