Cache Granfondo with 1500 riders on high altitude

At nearly 5000 ft elevation (1524m), and nestled in the Northern Rocky Mountains, the Cache Gran Fondo's 1st showing in the UCI Gran Fondo World Series was a day of high-points, with over 1500 riders from 23 different US states and 7 different countries, making this year's Cache Gran Fondo the largest ever.

With a unsuspected overcast morning, the cooler temperatures on the Gran Fondo Challenge 105-mile (170K) course saw new record times with the fastest overall of 4:13:46 by M35-39 Rigoberto Meza Florez from California followed Eric Stephens and Thomas Rennier.

First female in the qualifying distance was Eleise Hinton in a time of 4:34:40 to win 10 minutes ahead of Kelly Hunsaker and Denise Higgison, both of the F55-59 age group.

The individual time trial in beautiful Logan Canyon the evening before brought out 50 participants with the fastest time going to Taylor Price, slightly in front of David Christensen and John Mansell. The fastest woman was Valina Sintal followed by Jessie Nelson and Rachel Gill.

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