Blue Mountains Granfondo with updated courses

The sixth edition of the Blue Mountains Granfondo, the fifth one as a UCI Gran Fondo qualifier takes place this weekend in Ontaria, Canada on updated courses compared to last year.

The Granfondo 152km that serves as qualifier distance for all men under 50 will have two Epping loops and Bowless Hill loop before getting back to the finish in Thornbury for a total elevation of 1733m.

The women and men over 50 will do the same course but only stick to one Epping loop to finish after 110km for an elevation of 1363 m.

The organizer has chosen for less elevation compared to last year to be more in line of what riders can expect during the World Championships in Poland. The time trial has been removed this year.

The number of pre-registrations has doubled compared to last year.

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