Bialoblocki makes the double as Hall and Gogolewska share wins

With an average speed of more than 49 km/h, Marcin Bialoblocki showed his good legs in the flat time trial over 20km on saturday, leaving the number 2 of the day, his compatriot Pawel Krol 40 seconds behind. Czech Martin Hecel scored the third time.

Marianne Hall was the fastest female rider, 8 seconds before Marzena Moniuszko and Anna Rzasowska. The average speed of Marianne was 41.69 km/h.

The road races on Sunday had a 131 Granfondo distance as qualifier for the men under 60 and women under 50 while all older riders could qualify in the 75km mediofondo. The races were mainly flat with some minor elevation.

Marcin Bialoblocki showed again his power, finishing solo 24 seconds ahead of Marcin Karbowy while Wojciech Sykala got in third 1 minute and 41 seconds later. The average speed of the winner was 44.5 km/h.

Marta Gogolewska, vice-worldchampion Gran Fondo in 2017 was the fastest in the sprint to claim the female victory in the granfondo. She outsprinted her 2 compatriots Kamila Wojcikiewicz and Marzena Moniuszko.

In the age categories qualifying in the mediofondo, Franciszek Harbaciewicz from the 60-64 age group finished with a lot of younger riders to claim victory in his age group in a close sprint finish before German Gerhard Waelzlein and Ukrainian Stanislav Tytarenko.

Magdalena Chmielewska was the fastest female in the mediofondo, beating a lot of her younger opponents. German Doris Waelzlein got in second.

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