B2B Cyclo Sportif Challenge new Australian qualifier

One year after the very successful UCI Gran Fondo World Championships in Perth, Bathurst will receive the new Australian qualifier in the UCi Gran Fondo World Series.

The event exists since 2004 and has steadily grown to one of the biggest mass-participation events in New South Wales. It’s the first time that the event has gained UCI status and counts as a qualifier for Worlds.

The time trial on Saturday takes riders up to the summit of Mt Panorama for a short but steep mountain time trial on a 4.2km course. The first three kilometers bring the riders from 700m above sea level to 876m. The last kilometer to the finish is first a bit downhill and then again slightly uphill. The 110km road race on Sunday is the road race qualifier.

Riders assemble in nearby town Blayney (30 minutes away) to wind their way through the rolling agricultural and bush landscape of the central west. Several steeper ascents challenge riders of all levels, with them finding their way back to Bathurst and the finish line in the Pit Complex of the Mt Panorama Raceway.

More than 250 riders have signed up for the time trial while 800 riders are keen to do the road race.

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