2940 riders from 56 different nations compete for 35 World titles

Registrations for the 2017 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships have been closed and a total of 2940 riders have signed up for the time trial on Thursday or the road race on Sunday. 25 teams also registered for the team relay which is now also full.

Most riders are qualified in the Tour of Cambridgeshire (26%) followed by l’Albigeoise (10%) and wildcards (9% – national champions and representatives of nations without qualifier event). The Amy’s GF, Tour of Ayrshire and Schleck Granfondo also have a good representation. The UK has most riders at the start followed by France and Australia.

We will have for the first time a 75+ world title for men on the road and riders from non-traditional cycling countries like Tanzania, Mongolia, Lebanon, Djibouti, Chili and Peru have signed up. Also remarkable a delegation of 5 Iranian riders.

Because of the large number of riders in the women age groups, there will be three starts instead of two with 19-34 and 35-39 together while 40-44 and 45-49 will have a separate start.

All lists with starters for the different road races and the time trial starting times http://albi2017cycling.eu/en/START_LISTS

All riders are invited for the three riders? briefings, Wednesday 14h for the time trial, Friday 14h for the team relay and Saturday 14h for the road races. Briefings will take place in the Expo Hall but are not mandatory. It gives riders the chance to ask questions but most of what will be explained can also be downloaded from http://albigeoise.com/docs/GUIDE_COMPETITEUR_DEF.pdf

56 different nations

910 United Kingdom
375 France
310 Australia
122 Belgium
99 Italy
88 United States
76 New Zealand
75 Germany
73 Sweden
71 Denmark
69 Canada
69 Poland
66 Norway
51 Spain
46 Netherlands
45 Mexico
39 Japan
32 Slovenia
28 Portugal
28 Russia
28 Switzerland
24 Ireland
23 Czech Republic
19 Austria
17 Greece
16 Latvia
16 South Africa
15 Cyprus
14 Finland
7 Belarus
7 Slovakia
6 Brazil
6 Costa Rica
6 Estonia
5 Bulgaria
5 Iran
5 Turkey
5 Ukraine
4 Colombia
4 Israel
4 Lithuania
3 Croatia
3 Indonesia
3 Luxembourg
3 Malaysia
2 Peru
2 Singapore
2 Taiwan
1 Chili
1 Djibouti
1 Lebanon
1 Mongolia
1 Romania
1 San Marino
1 Serbia And Montenegro
1 Tanzania

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