2020 qualifier season starts this weekend with RBC GranFondo Whistler as test event for Worlds

RBC GranFondo Whistler is one of the biggest Granfondos on the American continent and will for the first time be a qualifier event, opening the 2020 qualifier season this weekend in Canada.

The race starts in downtown Vancouver at sea level and finishes 76 miles/122km further in Whistler, a ski resort at an elevation 2200ft/670m with a first part on undulating roads and a second part mainly going slightly uphill towards the finish.

The race is using the Sea to Sky Highway connecting the two cities, a once in a lifetime experience to ride it without traffic. 3914 riders coming from 24 different countries have signed up for the qualifying distance of the event.

20 % qualifies

The RBC GranFondo Whistler is the first event that will apply the new 20% qualifying rule. Also new this year is that all age groups will be awarded with medals, jersey and qualifying spots, even if only one rider will sign up in a specific age category.

The 3 participation rule qualifying for Worlds if you did three different events without finishing in the top 20% is not valid anymore for the 2020 UCI Gran Fondo World Series.

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