17 new World Champions crowned against the clock

With a start at 8h30, Swiss Janet Ackermann was the first lady to go down from the startramp in the ladies 65+ age group. A bit more than half an hour later, Sharon Prutton from New Zealand crowned herself as the new World Champion beating defending champion Gaye Lynn (AUS) and Elizabeth Randall (AUS) to renew her title from 2015.

In the F60/64 age group, Dutch Marti Valks beated local Nadine Niemerich and Ann-Marie Miller (USA) to renew her world title of last year. Jeannie Longo (FRA) could fulfill her expectations in the ladies 55/59 age group beating also a lot of her younger opponents to win before American Lynne Anderson and British Sarah Matthews. A second world title for her after her many world titles from before as an Elite. Also Anna Davies was again the fastest after Perth last year. Anna Svardstrom (SWE) and Karen Hviid Christensen (DEN) joined her on the podium.

First Dutch gold medal was for Larissa Drysdale who was faster than defending World Champion Anne Valta (USA) and Penny Pawson (NZL). In the F40/44 age group, Adelheid Schutz (GER) renewed her title of Denmark 2015 before Sarah Morisson (NZL) and Liz Powell (GBR) for the overall fastest female time.

Cecilia Hansen (SWE) also made two in a row after Perth 2016 in the F35/39 age group. Her nearest opponent Fiona Prew (GBR) was 40 seconds slower while bronze Theresa Hoebanckx (FRA) finished at 50 seconds.

The youngest female age group was finally won by Jessica Rhodes-Jones. A first gold medal for the country which delivered most participants since the UCI renewed the concept of the World Championships back in 2011. Laura Simenc (SLO) and Emily Rodger (CAN), two former World Champions completed the podium

The men started after a short break with the 70+ age group. Kaare Christoffersen (NOR) beated two French riders Christian Gibelin and Jean-Louis Noblesse with respectively 39 and 46 seconds.

Alfred Lechnitz (AUT) had only 6 seconds to 2015 World Champion Rudolf Sluyts (BEL) while Josef Burg (CZE) got in third in the M65/69. Bert Bakker (HOL) beated the defending World Champion Gary Painted (USA) and French Serge Malbe to renew his World title from 2014. The M55/59 category concluded the morning session with a second British gold medal for Kevin Tye who was faster than defending World Champion Jim McMurray (NZL) and Pieter Aben (HOL).

Gregory Swinnand delivered the first Gold medal ever to Ireland winning before Peter Carlsson (SWE) and Jean-Michel Chemin (FRA) Dutch Remco Grasman won the M45/49 more than a minute ahead of Arvid Johannesen (NOR) and Jon Entwistle (GBR). Samuel Plouhinec (FRA) rode the fastest time overall and stayed as only rider below the 30 minutes’ gap to win with an average speed of 46.5km/h. His nearest opponent was his compatriot Mathieu Dumont while Jone Ellingsen, 2011 World Champion in the discipline got the third podium spot.

The M35/39 was for Swiss Andreas Schweitzer, already World Champion in 2013 and 2015 in the time trial. Matthew Smith (GBR) and Tony Mezure (FRA) completed the podium.

It was finally Slovenian Matej Lovse to win the youngest male age category beating Polish Piotr Klin by 11 seconds while 2015 World Champion Gregory Cassini (FRA) got bronze 13 seconds behind Lovse. A new Worldtitle for the Slovenian after Trento 2013. With 17 World titles crowned, we look forward to the team relay tomorrow evening in the city center.

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