UCI Gran Fondo Brazil

Friday 03.11.2023 - 05.11.2023
80 - 140 km

UCI Gran Fondo World Series Pomerode is a new event on the calendar and will be organised for the first time on 5 November in the Santa Catherina province in southern Brasil

Gran Fondo

The road races on 5 November have two distances: a 140km km granfondo distance for all men up to the age of 59 and all women up to the age of 49 years old while the shorter 80km mediofondo distance counts as official qualifier distance for the men above 60 and women above 50.

Both courses share the same roads and are a back-and-forth loop towards a turning point halfway.

Both courses have a flat first 35km to then start on slightly undulating roads towards the turning point.  The mediofondo only goes to a maximum altitude of 150m before turning back. 

The Granfondo course starts its major climb after the mediofondo turning point and goes in between km 43 and 50 from an elevation of 170m towards a first peak of 445m above sea level for an average gradient of 4.3% over 7km.

After a small downhill, the route then continues to the highest point of the day at 520m to stay on the platform towards the turning point over 15km (30km back and forth).

Total elevation of the mediofondo is only 600m while the granfondo has an elevation of 1400m.

140km Granfondo

80km Mediofondo


Pomerode is a Brazilian town in the Santa Catarina state in the South of Brasil and is known as most German city in Brasil as the founders and early inhabitants of the region were German colonists.  It was founded in 1861 and 96% of the inhabitants still speak German today.

The name Pomerode is linked to the origin of its founders, immigrants from Pomerania (Pommern), a region in the north of Germany. Those who earn their livelihood from agriculture and, therefore, have to graze the land and organize the work to feed themselves from what they plant.

The tourists’ attractions of the region are the Oktoberfest in nearby Blumenau, the largest one next to the original one in Munich.​

More information on https://imprensatur.wixsite.com/vemprapomerode